False Profits, the book

  1. BulletCo-authored by Robert L. FitzPatrick and Joyce K. Reynolds  in 1997, the first and still the only book to comprehensively examine the connection between pyramid scheme fraud and multi-level marketing companies.

  2. BulletRead by thousands of consumers facing solicitations from the schemes and scams that abound as “direct selling,” network marketing, gifting schemes,  among other titles.
  3. BulletReferenced by regulators, attorneys, university professors and financial analysts seeking to understand pyramid marketing, its legality, ethics, social effects, and economic impact.


Robert L. FitzPatrick

  1. BulletExpert witness or consultant in more cases against pyramid schemes than any other private citizen in the USA.

  2. BulletAuthor of the False Profits Blog, an informative, incisive and sometimes humorous inquiry into the sociology, legality and economics of the current pyramid scheme epidemic.

  3. BulletPublic Speaker to regulators and ethicists on the subject of pyramid and ponzi schemes

  4. BulletAuthority on pyramid schemes most frequently quoted in news media including CBS 60 Minutes, BBC, New York Times, London Times, and Wall Street Journal.

  5. BulletProlific writer, researcher and commentator on the expanding influence of Main Street pyramid schemes on the economy, social thought in America, government, society, churches, families, and individuals.