The Face of Multi-level Marketing

Multi-level Marketing (MLM) has been a significant force in America since 1980. And in most of that time, it never had an iconic human face — a Jack Welch, Bill Gates, Ray Krock, or a Lee Iacocca. Usually, when a MLM executive was seen on TV it was due to a lawsuit or a government prosecution.
But, now MLM does have its own live personality. A human face has been put on the “unique” business model. It is the face of Donald Trump. Trump has launched his own MLM scheme, Trump Network, which claims to sell health products. Before announcing his new company, Trump had been pitching for the MLM, ACN, but many MLMers took his endorsement of that scheme as an endorsement of the industry.

Now, the MLM world is electrified by Trump’s launching of his own MLM company. The MLM blogosphere pulses with pride. They point to Trump as proof of their system’s legitimacy. If Donald Trump says its legit, surely it must be! Right?