Buyer Beware

Consumers often ask: Even if multi-level marketing companies are pseudo-businesses, pyramid schemes and financial traps, couldn’t they run legally if they just disclosed how they are structured and operate, the actual financial loss rates, the quitting/turnover rates, the costs, the absence of retailing, the endless chain recruiting requirements and the risks in joining?
In other words, like the tobacco industry that sells a lethal and addictive product, couldn’t MLMs, which promote an “endless chain” income plan that dooms nearly all to failure, be lawful if they just printed the whole truth on the package?

Click here to see the proposed disclosures that a MLM would have to provide to each new consumer prospect if it were to tell the truth.

Full disclosure means ending 10 Big Lies that MLMs routinely perpetrate and then spelling out the facts. These 10 areas of deception and cover-up include: Read More...