Half of Amway's Products Are Retailed. Really! Plus Other Wacky Numbers

In a recent video interview with Amway executives, Doug DeVos and Steve Van Andel, a Wall Street Journal reporter asked them a probing and revealing question.

The question was, what percentage of the products that Amway sells to the distributor/salespeople, (called Independent Business Owners, IBO) are resold to end-user customers who are not also distributors? In other words, how much is retailed?

Why would the Wall Street Journal ask such a question to a “direct selling” company? Isn’t direct selling, by definition, all about salespeople selling products to retail customers? Why would Amway be asked “how much” of the products are actually retailed?

The reason is that this question determines the very legality of the entire Amway enterprise. So the Wall Street Journal was asking Amway whether it was a fraud or not.