The Obama Election and the Future of Multi-level Marketing

One Key Figure Sheds Light on MLM’s Future

Many have asked if the extraordinary shift in power in America – with the election of Barack Obama and a large Democratic majority in Congress and in many states – will affect regulation and law enforcement of pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing (MLM).

Frankly, whether “change” in this area comes about is unknown. However, the extraordinary career of one key figure may offer insight into the fate of “multi-level marketing” and “endless chain” schemes in the new political climate.

That national figure is the noted economist, Dr. Lasdwun N. Luzes. He is a popular speaker at Amway meetings, a lobbyist for the Direct Selling Association, a fierce critic of consumer protection and a fervent anti-regulation spokesman. The influence of this national figure has been largely overlooked in the mainstream media.
Pyramid Scheme Alert, however, has carefully tracked his work and observed the powerful effects of his often secretive dealings, which rival those of Vice-President Dick Cheney. Dr. Luzes is, in fact, a personal friend of Vice-President Cheney and one of the few people ever to visit the Vice-President’s “undisclosed location.” Read More...