Yes, But What About this One?

Day after day after day, Pyramid Scheme Alert receives consumer inquiries about various multi-level marketing schemes, and the question is always the same: “What about this one?”

Sadly, few people get the big picture about multi-level marketing schemes. For the most part, MLMs are all the same scheme! From old established schemes like Amway to new startups like the Trump Network, these are the same flim flam in different clothing. One MLM may sell vitamins while another sells weight loss herbs. One sells legal services insurance and another fruit juice. But all of them, in reality, sell the exactly the same product: an endless chain income promise. MLMs are all in the “business opportunity” business, not “pills, potions and lotions.” And all of them sell the same “opportunity”, which is the chance to sell the “opportunity” to others who sell the same opportunity, forever and ever. Amen.