MLM's Version of Glengarry Glen Ross

In David Mamet’s classic film, Glengarry Glen Ross, an arrogant and abusive sales manager informs a struggling real estate sales team that there will be a one-week sales contest. The winner gets a Cadillac. The runner up gets a set of steak knives and the rest are fired. The desperate and brow-beaten salesmen are further told that the company has a set of new “golden” leads of sales prospects. However, they won’t get access to any of them during the contest. Those lucrative leads will be enjoyed only by the winners.
This scene in the movie is a close analogy to the situation MLM recruits are placed in. They are given a hopeless challenge, with each one pitted againt the others in a futule quest to build a pyramid “downline.” All are promised leads, tools and big incomes – after they build up their downline.