Pyramid Scheme, Ponzi Scheme,

This Is Not a Pyramid Scheme!

I have a fantastic opportunity for you. It’s like a job but a lot better. It’s an opportunity to make unlimited income.

Pay only $399 for a starter kit, and then you can work as an independent salesperson for our company, selling the company’s great products on a commission basis.

Why should you
pay for this job, you ask? Okay, I realize paying for a job might seem unusual. But, you see, this opportunity is unique. By paying your $399 you gain not only the right to sell our products to the general public but also the right to recruit other salespeople to sell for the company. When you sign up new salespeople and they buy some of our products, you’ll get a commission on all their purchases, month in, month out. It’s like becoming CEO of your own sales company.

Best of all, you can make money right away by enrolling people that you already know and who already trust you.
Everybody is a candidate for this job. Who doesn’t want to make unlimited money?

Too many salespeople? No, there could never be too many. The market of people wanting extra income is always growing and our products fit everyone’s needs. But no matter how many more join, you would be making money on all of them, so you would want as many more as possible. Doesn’t that make sense? Read More...